About us

Goals & Key Strategies

1.  Excellence in Teaching & Research;

• Capacity Building
Offering of post graduate programmes in Space Technology and allied fields :
• Capacity building of engineering postgraduates in the highly specialised technical field of space technology;
• Capacity building of technologists in satellite technology;
• Capacity building of skilled professionals and end users in satellite technology applications;

Post Graduate programs (PG Diploma, BHons, Masters, PHD) 
• Satellite Applications
• Satellite Engineering and Technology
• Satellite Communication
• Space Science

Continuous Professional Development, and Research

 • Research 
Research on projects related to Space technology and allied fields:
• Improve research output; research presentations; staff qualification profile
• Developing and Launching  of a Namibian CUBESAT;
• Qualified and skilled participation in the international projects in Namibia
• Square Kilometre Array (SKA) in Africa ,Cherenkov Telescopic Array (CTA) and H.E.S.S.

  • Services  
Mobile planetarium for outreach activity
• Planning and developing a Namibian earth science observation center;
• Planning and developing a Namibian Earth Observation center;
• Planning and developing a Namibian Meteorology center;
• Planning and developing a Namibian planetarium;


2. Developing cooperative network in satellite technology and applications;

 • Enhance and strengthen collaborative relationship with stakeholders 
• Play a strategic  role in Namibian Space policy and regulations framework;
• Assisting in planning and developing a Namibian Earth Observation Centre;
• Assisting in planning and developing a Namibian Meteorology centre;
• Planning and developing a Nano satellite tracking  ground station

Strong Stakeholders Engagement
• Interaction through research in the field of space technology and allied
• Organize open seminars to industry & government
• Outreaches to high schools


3. Sustainability

 Sustainability of NIST 
• Promote staff development programme
• Recruit senior academics
• Acquire research equipment
• Outreach activities in Namibia
• Sustainability of the program by initiating a satellite industry in Namibia

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability

Mission & Vision


  • To produce competent graduates that will play leading roles in the field of space technology;
  • To equip graduates with skills and competences comparable to international standards;
  • Contribute to Namibia’s industrialisation by initiating a satellite industry in Namibia,
  • Linking space related research, technology, policy, and education to the needs of industry, and to national socio-economic development imperatives, initiatives and programmes.
  • Contribute to societal improvement of life by effective application of satellite applications and technology in Namibia.


  • To be a leading institute in Space technology Satellite Technology and its Applications R&D in Africa and beyond.


To promote awareness initiatives in Space Technology and Allied Fields.


  • Space Science
  • Space Technology
  • Space Applications

Research Regional and International Reconciliation